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In our last blog we talked about the top ten Virginia home remodeling projects that bring the highest return on investment for home owners. Coming in at numbers 5 and 9 on that list were kitchen remodeling projects. The kitchen took up two spaces on the list because there are generally two ways that a family and their kitchen renovation contractor can approach the kitchen project: Minor tweaking and surface remodeling, or complete overhaul. Of course, there are multiple levels of complexity in between those two levels, but either way, kitchen remodeling projects remain very popular, even in these difficult financial times for one very important reason: the kitchen is the most popular room in the house!

As Virginia kitchen renovation contractors who have helped many of families remodel their kitchens, we understand the reason for the enduring popularity of these types of projects: families spend a lot of time together in the kitchen. We cook there, we eat there, we talk there, we do homework there… it's a high traffic area every day. Therefore, many families choose a kitchen renovation project over an exterior renovation project simply because they expect get more enjoyment out of the end result. And with more families staying in their homes longer (rather than selling them) it only make sense that they want to update and add efficiency and style to the spaces that mean the most to them.

So perhaps you've been sitting at the kitchen table and wanting to change a few things about how this popular space looks and operates. Maybe you covet your favorite TV chef's kitchen layout. Maybe you need a new backsplash, or crave more cabinet space. Maybe you've always wanted an island, or need to make space for a bigger refrigerator, or want to do a fun retro-themed kitchen. Either way, any kitchen renovation contractor worth his granite countertops will guide you through a few important considerations before you jump into a project with both egg beaters spinning:

  1. Before anything else can happen, determine your budget. A good kitchen renovation contractor will work religiously within your budget and help you create reasonable goals for what you have to work with. As popular Virginia kitchen renovation contractors, we make it our passion to build the best kitchens at the best prices.
  2. Ask yourself very specific questions about what your goals for your kitchen really are. Do you just want to update the surface look of the kitchen, or do you want to rip the whole thing out and start over? Of course, your budget will have a lot to say about which choice you make there. Either way, a good kitchen renovation contractor will work to build the vision without going over budget or out of schedule.
  3. Make the plan. Write it all down on paper and discuss it with your kitchen renovation contractor.

As kitchen renovation contractors with 25 years in the business we have the experience and expertise to bring your kitchen ideas to life. Our thousands of satisfied customers (85% of whom are actually word-of-mouth referrals from friends and family who were pleased with our work) are proof that we deliver those renovations within budget, on time, and with excellent service.

So call us today so we can turn your dream kitchen into your real kitchen.

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