Hire Your Home Improvement Company in the Fall or Winter


Timing Can Save You Time and Money: Hire Your Home Improvement Company in the Fall or Winter

If you’ve been waiting for warmer weather to get started on a home improvement project, you might want to reconsider. There are several reasons why the cold winter months are a great time to get your money’s worth remodeling your kitchen, the basement, a bathroom, or some other area inside your home. For instance:

Home Improvement Companies Have More Time in the Fall or Winter

Because summer is such a popular time for people to work on home renovations and remodeling projects, we have more time in the winter to schedule new projects. If you have a home improvement project, consider calling us now, when the weather is cold. We can usually assess the project, provide an estimate and get right to work without having to schedule around a lot of other projects. This can save you a lot of time, and depending on the project, your renovations may be ready to enjoy during the spring and summer! So hire your home improvement company in the fall or winter, when they are not so busy.

Get faster personal service and deeper attention to detail

CBS Home Improvements always prides itself on its attention to detail, and our customers can certainly attest to this. But due to time constraints in the summer, sometimes it is difficult to schedule fine details on some projects, and those may take longer to accomplish. In the winter, on the other hand, we have more time to work on the extra details that can really take your project from great to amazing.

Save Money with Winter Home Improvement Projects

Because the demand for materials is lower in the winter, prices are often lower as well. So often times, we can procure harder-to-get materials and higher quality materials for better prices than we would be able to during the spring and summer, when demand is higher. In fact, spring is usually the time when prices go up on materials, so if you can start your home improvement project in the winter, you can avoid paying higher prices. In fact, if price is your main concern, we can often get steeply discounted materials ranging from windows and lumber to paints and other things in the winter because some models are being discontinued before the newer, more expensive spring models are released and suppliers want to clear out their inventories. Naturally, we love passing these savings on to our clients! Even we often have wintertime remodeling incentives—so just ask us about them!

Winter is a great time to have our Northern Virginia home improvement company work on your renovation projects. In fact, you can even have us do your home improvement project while you are away for winter vacation. That way, you can even avoid the dust and inconvenience of having water or electric turned off for various parts of the project and come home from sunnier climes to a fresh, new look in your home.

So give us a call at CBS today (703) 670-3200 or fill-out our free estimate form before the seasons turn and take advantage of a faster planning and design process, less expensive materials and the benefits of working with a home improvement company with an A+ rating with the BBB and two decades of happy customers!

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My experience over two decades has given me insight into less expensive materials that do a better job than their more expensive counterparts. I always ask, “How can I bring your project to life beautifully, while saving you time and money in the long run?”.