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CBS Home Improvements Company has over 25 years of experience in Kitchen Design and Remodeling and it is one of the best home improvement companies in Northern Virginia. If you are thinking about remodeling your current outdated kitchen. We are unmatched in creating kitchens that mirror your unique personality regardless of what style, design or budget you choose. Our experienced kitchen designers will create your dream kitchen with every detail you desire. CBS Home Improvements Company is Class A licensed and insured and can handle every aspect of your project including granite countertops, cabinetry, custom lighting, tile, plumbing, electric work, flooring paint and more.

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CBS Home Improvements is always looking for new experiences and challenges. Should you not find your specific need listed, do not hesitate to call and allow us the opportunity to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Some Style Ideas from Your Virginia Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

You were making dinner last night and realized just how dark the kitchen seems, even with all the lights on. You also want to optimize the small kitchen space, or maybe even make it bigger. As a Virginia kitchen remodeling contractor with almost two decades in the business, we have galleries full of great ideas for kitchen renovations. We've also spent some time looking over the results from the latest kitchen designer survey from the National Kitchen and Bath Association to stay current on trend setting kitchen remodeling ideas for the future:

1. Cabinetry: More families and kitchen remodeling contractors are choosing lighter maple cabinetry over darker cherry cabinetry over the last year.

2. Kitchen finishes: It's interesting that either light or dark natural finishes are trending over medium natural finishes. Colored, painted finishes are also on the rise over white, glazed or distressed finishes.

3. Color Schemes:Kitchen remodeling contractors are going away from browns, whites and off-whites, opting instead for tones of gray, beige and bone.

4. Style: The uncluttered, simple, functional Shaker style is rising in popularity over contemporary style. A lot of families still opt for country styles and other traditional styles, but elegant simplicity intertwined with function are always good choices that wear well over the long haul.

5. Cabinetry Upgrades: The kitchen remodeling contractors surveyed also noted a decline in cabinet tweaks such as lazy Susans, pull-out racks and tall pantries. They did notice, however, that un-chilled, under the counter wine storage is starting to gain popularity, even over under-counter wine refrigeration units.

6. Countertops: Solid, low-maintenance countertops such as granite and quartz are hot, mostly because they last. Laminate surfaces are declining in popularity because they are not as durable.

7. Refrigerators: As a Virginia kitchen remodeling contractor, we've noticed a general popularity decline in the last several years for the freezer top/refrigerator bottom models. More people are opting for the roomier side-by side models.

8. Ovens: Induction cook tops are winning out over traditional electric and gas models, while double-wall ovens are rising over single-walled ones.

9. Lighting: Both families and kitchen remodeling contractors are much more energy savvy these days, thinking of ways to harness natural light coming into the kitchen to cut down on the use of incandescent and compact fluorescent lighting. At the same time, LED lighting is becoming much more popular.

Trash and Recycling: Gone are the days when families just stashed a trashcan somewhere in the kitchen. There simply isn't room under most sinks to deal with both trash and recycling organization, so more and more kitchen remodeling contractors are creating ways to stash and store trash and recycling out of sight, making for a cleaner, more pleasant kitchen experience for everybody.

Of course, these are all just trends, and every family has different kitchen renovation needs and desires. We have been kitchen remodeling contractors in Virginia for more than 25 years and have an 85% happy-customer referral rating for our kitchen work. So if you want make your dream kitchen a reality, give us a call today for ideas, advice and impeccable service!

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