Deck Building and Remodeling


CBS Home Imrovements designs and builds decks in accordance with your needs and budget. We build decks from the newest low-maintenance synthetics to the most sumptuous exotic woods and our deck building services include treated lumber decks, composite maintenance free decks, screened in decks, patio decks, and refurbished decks. We can visit your home or business and explain all your decking options and how they'll affect your cost.

Low-maintenance, Man-made Materials

Pressure-treated Wood Decks

Pressure-treated wood decks are your most affordable choice.

  • Pressure-treated wood is usually backed by a "manufacturer's" lifetime warranty.
  • Pressure-treated wood resists rot and insect damage when properly maintained.
  • Pressure-treated wood is sturdy and versatile as well as affordable.
  • Pressure-treated wood can be stained or painted to complement your home.
  • Affordable pressure-treated wood deck designs are available in our Lifestyle Classics collection.

Exotic Hardwood Decks

  • Exotic hardwoods are naturally strong, and typically scratch resistant.
  • Exotic hardwoods naturally resist rot and insects.
  • The tight wood grain produces a rich, smooth deck surface of unmatched beauty.
  • The life expectancy of exotic hardwoods is generally 25years or more.
  • Hidden fastener systems make the most of the wood's beauty.

IPE Decks

  • IPE (EE-pay) is increasingly the most popular exotic hardwood used in decking.
  • Ipe can be sustainably harvested, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of tropical hardwood without the worry of rainforest destruction.
  • Ipe tends to offer more strength, beauty, and natural insect and rot resistance than other exotic hardwoods.
  • Ipe has held up beautifully for 25 years in high-traffic public boardwalks.
  • Ipe is naturally fire resistant.
  • CBS Home Improvements have experience building Ipe decks of all sizes.

This beautiful wood is extremely fine grained and dense, leading to its amazing strength and rot resistance. The wood is known by a variety of names, including Brazilian walnut and ironwood. Ipe is so dense that it is extremely difficult to cut. Advanced cutting technologies have popularized its use in recent years.

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