Commercial Water Damage Repair


Any number of bad circumstances can necessitate a commercial water damage repair emergency in Northern Virginia:

  • Fire sprinklers engaging
  • Natural disasters like floods and severe storms,
  • Water main breaks
  • Old pipes bursting in the winter
  • Long, slow leaks that have been dripping for awhile and just been discovered

This list could go on and on. But no matter the cause of the water damage, the problem your company is then faced with is what to do to mitigate and repair the water damage so you can minimize losses and downtime for your business and employees. In the vast majority of cases, doing it yourself is just not an option. Even if the damage seems minimal from a visual inspection, water can easily get into spaces you might not expect and fester there for years, causing even more damage and giving rise to mold, rot and unseen structural integrity problems. To prevent these financial headaches and comply with insurance rules and building codes, call on CBS Home Improvements for any commercial water damage repair needs you have.

Our Commercial Water Damage Repair Services in Northern Virginia:

  1. Our comprehensive commercial water damage repair services start with damage mitigation. Right away, we will work to pump out the water so that we can minimize the damage if at all possible. We have commercial, large-scale pumps to get the water out.
  2. The next step, once the water is removed is to do a thorough and comprehensive commercial water damage repair assessment. We will check every inch of the water damaged area, including the foundation, the walls, the roofing—whatever area was potentially affected by the moisture. This will help us determine what areas need to be repaired or replaced, and the paperwork will help you when it comes time to work with your insurance company on filing a claim.
  3. Of course, once the streams and puddles are gone, the dampness unfortunately remains in carpets, upholstery, and other absorbent materials. So we immediately start the process of drying out these areas and items. We have professional-grade commercial water damage repair drying equipment that can salvage many items, depending on the extent of the damage. Also, an expeditious drying out of the premises is necessary to prevent mold, mildew and other microbial growths that could adversely impact the quality of the materials, not to mention the health and well-being of you and your employees.

So if you have a water emergency at your business, act fast! Call CBS Home Improvements at (703) 670-3200 right away for your commercial water damage repair needs!

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