Commercial Fire Damage Repair


If your commercial property has been damaged in a fire, but is still standing, it may not be a total loss. With professional help, your property may be able to be restored. CBS Home Improvements provides commercial fire damage repair services Northern Virginia business owners have come to trust.

Even seemingly “minor” fire damage always needs to be checked and repaired by professionals. Because if not properly and promptly dealt with, the smoke, soot and ash left by the fire not only smells horrible for a long time, it can cause rapid corrosion and deterioration of materials, including etching, disintegration and discoloration. The CBS Home Improvements team has been properly trained and certified to provide commercial fire damage repair services that can restore your property and protect your investment in it.

Time is of the essence when it comes to commercial fire damage repair. As soon as the fire department has extinguished the flames and declared it safe to return to the scene, we can come in and do a full examination, provide a timely estimate on what it will take to clean up and repair after the fire. This needs to be done quickly because the ash, soot and smoke is corroding surfaces and still lurking in various spaces of the building. Surface cleaning by your own staff is inadequate to handle these difficult challenges caused by the unique, lingering effects of a fire. Everything needs to be done to stop further damage as quickly as possible. With our knowledge of building materials, plans and spaces, we can quickly assess and stop damage before it goes any further.

Our thorough and effective commercial fire damage repair services are prompt and quick for another reason too: you can’t afford to stay out of business for long. The faster we can…

  • Halt ongoing smoke, soot and ash damage after the fire,
  • Remove materials that have been damaged beyond repair from the premises and
  • Repair or replace materials that can be salvaged with the right care

…the faster you and your employees will be able to get back to work serving your customers.

In addition, when there is a fire, soot, smoke and ash are seldom the only problems to handle. Usually there will also be water damage and collateral breakage from the emergency services from the fire department. Rest assured that CBS Home Improvements will be able to handle all of these kinds of damage.

If your commercial property has recently suffered a fire, do not wait for the smoke to clear before calling us for commercial fire damage repair. The moment the fire department leaves, we can get to work helping you get back to work. Contact CBS Home Improvements today at (703) 670-3200!

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