Basement Renovations Can Add Value to Your Home


If your basement is a dark, dreary, disorganized mess, it isn't adding any value to the price of your home, nor is it making your life in the home any easier. And with the economy starting to show signs of life again, basement remodeling projects are at the top of many homeowners' lists, whether they are in the mood to sell or to stay put. If you are tired of a drab, cluttered, ill-used basement space, now might be the time to start thinking about what kind of basement renovations you could do to make that space a joy to be in. Our next two blogs will talk about some of the trends and ideas we're seeing this year that might be just what you need for a basement remodeling project of your own!

Entertaining Basement Renovations

If you like to entertain, turning your basement from a dark, uninviting storage area into a warm, bright, and inviting entertaining area makes a great basement remodeling project. Adding a wet bar and a kitchen area makes it easy to keep your guests fed and watered. You can even consider adding a separate wine cellar to your basement renovations. These spaces often become conversation pieces in and of themselves. The elements you add to a basement entertainment space depend largely on the types of gatherings you plan to have, but a home entertainment system, a recreation area with a pool table or other social gathering spaces are great ideas.

Basement Remodeling for Storage & Projects

Many people simply want more storage in their homes, or a place where they can work on projects, and the basement can be the perfect place for those things. Instead of just stuffing the dark downstairs with bins and boxes, or working on your art projects in a cramped, ill-lighted space, however, a basement remodeling project can help you make storing and organizing your things much easier and more logical. New, intuitive shelving and overhead racks can take stuff off of the floor and give you more options for keeping things organized so that you have an easier time finding things, and more space for your projects. Lighting and design options can also brighten these areas and make them seem bigger than they are so they inspire and enlighten.

Home Gym & Fitness Basement Renovations

If your family is into fitness, basement renovations can turn an under-used space into a home fitness area for the whole family. An open area with an entertainment center for participating with fitness videos, shelves for storing equipment and bright, inspiring design elements can make basement fitness fun for the whole family. Adding a spa-inspired bathroom for post-workout relaxation and clean-up, along with a separate laundry area for the smelly gym socks and sweaty yoga clothes completes a basement remodeling project with fitness in mind.

There are as many great basement remodeling ideas as there are families with basements that need remodeling. In our next blog, we will talk about some other ideas that may work well for adding value and utility to this commonly forgotten area of many homes.

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