The Most Requested Virginia Home Repair Projects


During these dicey economic times, Virginia home repair projects can intimidate some home owners because they don’t know if their efforts will bring a good return on investment. As a highly-respected Virginia home repair company, we pay close attention to trends that can help our customers make informed choices about home repairs or renovations, and we thought the 2010-2011 Remodeling magazine “Cost vs. Value Report” was particularly helpful. It provides a top ten list of the best investments you can make in your home today:

  1. Front Door Replacement came first as a relatively simple and inexpensive repair with lots of “curb appeal”, bringing back 102% of the investment by raising your property value. Switching from a wood door to a steel door can also cut maintenance costs, making it a smart Virginia home repair option.
  2. Garage Door Replacement was second on the list with an ROI of about 83%. A new garage door can brighten a big, visible chunk of your home for a relatively low cost.
  3. If it seems like the first three items on this list are all exterior Virginia home repair projects, you’re right. The third project on the list was siding replacement. Not only does new siding polish the outside appearance of your home, it can improve the barrier between the inside of your home and the outside elements.
  4. Building a new wood deck is always a popular Virginia home repair project because it gives families a comfortable place of their own to enjoy outside the backdoor.
  5. Basic kitchen remodeling was next on the list, with resurfacing of the counters, cabinets, new sinks and faucets and flooring.
  6. Replacing your windows is a great idea, especially if you invest in the newer Energy Star models that can get you a tax credit and save energy costs.
  7. Converting an unused attic space into a new bedroom, complete with bathroom facilities made #7 on the list, and is an excellent Virginia home repair project because it takes under-used space and turns it into something cozy and useful.
  8. Basement remodeling, though it comes in at #8 on the list are still some of the most popular Virginia home repair projects, simply because there are so many possibilities for making a dark, dank, under-used area into a fun, bright, useful place for all kinds of family and social activities.
  9. We’ve already talked about kitchens, but #9 on the list is a major kitchen remodel, rather than just a resurfacing. This is for the more ambitious Virginia home repair enthusiasts, but it is great for families who are passionate about spending time in the kitchen.
  10. A two-story addition! Can we build it? Yes we can! Although this is probably the most expensive and ambitious of projects, if this is a route you want to take, we can help you make the most of your investment.

Here at CBS Home Improvements, we can help you, no matter what project you want to tackle. With 18 years of experience and thousands of happy customers, 85% of whom are referrals from happy customers, we have an impressive track record of making Virginia home repair visions come to life on time, on budget, and with the best service available. So if you’re considering any kind of home renovation project, call us before you get started so we can help make your home dreams a reality.

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