Get Your Home Ready for the Future with these Spring Home Improvement Tips


Spring is busting out all over: trees are blossoming, bulbs are blooming, housing prices are starting to recover and—your home looks a little worn from a tough winter. Whether you are planning to stay or sell, take these 10 spring home improvement tips in hand to get your home ready for better days ahead:

1. Clean and check the gutters

This should be one of the first spring home improvement tips on your list. Did you know that leaky and malfunctioning gutters are one of the top reasons for basement leaks and flooding? Clear out all of the leaves and other debris and check for any cracks or damage or anything coming lose that could lead to leaks.

2. Inspect all the concrete slabs and foundation

Are there any cracks that have developed over the winter? Any gaps or movement? These need to be repaired and sealed. Make sure any concrete or ground around the foundation drains away from your foundation.

3. Improve drainage

Speaking of drainage, raise the level of any low spots around the foundation so that water always drains away from it and that there are no standing water spots near the house that could cause damage or stand around and breed mosquitoes in the summer. When it comes to spring home improvement tips, doing any maintenance work that reduces your chances of suffering water damage should always be a top priority.

4. Roof damage

Your roof takes a beating all year long—make it a spring home improvement habit to always inspect the condition of your roof. Look around for any loose shingles, buckling, cracks or spots where the granules have been worn down. CBS Home Improvements is very experienced with roofing repairs, so call us if you have any questions or concerns about your roof.

5. Check the chimney

As long as you’re checking out the roof, inspect the chimney as well. Are there any loose bricks or cracks or potential leaks in the flashing around the base of the chimney where it connects to the roof? We can help you repair those as well. Now is also a good time to call a chimney sweep to have it cleaned out as well.

6. Inspect and power wash the siding

This is another of our best spring home improvement tips because not only does your siding protect your home from the elements, it can also boost curb appeal if you are thinking of selling in the future. If your siding is getting a little old, cracked or has any gaps, now may be a good time to replace your siding with something new.

7. Check the windows

Go around outside your home and check the wood around your windows. If there is any rot or damage in or around there that could lead to leaks, consider replacing the old windows with newer, more durable and energy-efficient windows that can slash your heating and cooling costs. Again, newer windows can also tune up the look of your home and add value if you are thinking of selling in the future. Our windows replacement experts can suggest models that can get you a great return on your investment.

8. Add attic insulation

You may only think you need insulation for the winter, but this is a great spring home improvement tip because improved insulation can also reduce your summer cooling costs as well!

9. Tune up furnaces and air conditioners

Change all the filters, clean out the base board heaters, air registers and radiators. Just doing this can save you energy costs and improve their life cycle, thereby saving you money in maintenance and repairs in the future.

10. Storm door replacement

Storm doors take a beating all winter long and parts can easily become damaged or bent from excess wear and tear and weathering. Door replacements are also one of those spring home improvement tips that are a good return on investment because they can save energy and upgrade the look and value of your home fairly quickly.

Here at CBS Home Improvements, we have a wealth of ideas and expertise you can call on for any of your spring home improvement projects. While some of these tips are good DIY options (like cleaning out the gutters), others require the help of an experienced contractor for safety and quality reasons.

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