Home Improvement: The Best Investment for Your Tax Refund


The question comes up every year: what shall we do with our tax refund?

There are so many tempting ideas: vacations, new technology toys, new clothes… but the shiny newness of those things will fade quickly. On the other hand, investing your tax refund into home improvement projects is a gift you can give yourself that can last for years. Whether you are planning to sell your house in the near future, or you plan to stay put for awhile, there are many home improvement projects that give you a lot of bang for your tax refund buck. Consider the following look-booting, energy-saving ideas that all come in well under the average $3000 tax refund amount, making home improvement the best investment for your tax refund dollars:

Install Low-flow showerheads and toilets

Water can cost a lot, and wasting it costs even more. Switching out your old shower heads, toilets and other less-efficient water users in your home runs well under $3000 (depending on how many items you want to replace), but you will start racking up savings almost immediately. Modern low-flow shower heads use about 50 percent less water, but you still feel like you’re getting a decent shower, all while saving a chunk of change off of your monthly water and heating bills.

Get an Energy Audit

Our CBS Home Improvements team can evaluate your home’s energy usage and wastage, room by room and make suggestions for plugging any air leaks, which can chew up around 30 percent of the average energy bill. Sealing air leaks, bolstering the insulation and tuning up your heating system are home improvement projects that are great investments for your tax refund dollars as they will continue to pay you back over and over again.

A New Front Door

New steel front doors generally cost between $1300 and $1500 not only give your home a bit of a facelift, they can help save energy on utilities as well. Going up a notch, fiberglass doors cost an average of $2,800, but they can give you a return on investment of up to 65 percent! Why is this home improvement project oe of the best uses of your tax refund? Some of the newer energy-efficient front doors can score you up to $500 in federal tax credits too!

Update Your Lighting

Whether indoors or out, new light fixtures can spruce up and brighten up drab and dark areas of your home. Also, consider installing dimmer switches and newer types of lighting that save energy. Our CBS Home Improvements team has hundreds of ideas for redesigning the lighting in your home.

So this year, instead of going out to spend your tax refund, walk around and see where you can invest in the future of your home. Home improvement is the best investment for your tax refund because it can keep paying you back over the long haul. Call our team at (703) 670-3200 and we can talk about your home improvement needs, give you great ideas and help you put your money to the best use inside your home.

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My experience over two decades has given me insight into less expensive materials that do a better job than their more expensive counterparts. I always ask, “How can I bring your project to life beautifully, while saving you time and money in the long run?”.