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Every year, we talk with homeowners who want to start a home improvement project, or know they need to repair or alter something in their home, but just aren’t sure where or how to begin. Here at CBS Home Improvements, we can help you, not just with the work that needs to be done, but with planning a successful, cost-effective home improvement project that will maximize what you get for the budget you have to work with. We can also help you steer clear of expensive mistakes! So if you are considering a project in your home, look through these tips for successful home improvements and then give us a call and we can help get you started!

Make a List

Walk through your home, from top to bottom and side to side and look at each room. Write down what needs to be done—and what you would like to do—for each area. Go around the outside of your house and look around too. Maybe you need roofing repairs, windows replacement, a new door, or maybe you want to remodel the kitchen, or need to update the bathroom, or add a new bedroom. Maybe you want to finish the basement. Just write it all down in one place. Obviously you won’t be able to do it all at once, but having this list gives you an idea of where to start and what to plan for in the future. Then go through and prioritize the more urgent projects. This is the top of the tips for successful home improvements!

Plan a Budget

Our CBS home improvements team is passionate about helping homeowners get the most for their money, and we realize that your budget is critical to you. When you know what you have to work with, give us a call and we can figure out ways to match your “to-do” list with your budget. We can connect you with deals on high-quality, but less expensive materials, ideas for combining projects to save money and get more done at the same time, and even suggest ways to time projects for the best budget effect (some materials are on sale at certain times of the year, for example).

Get Creative!

This is the most fun of our tips for successful home improvements and homeowners can really come up with some impressive ideas here. Once you know your budget and the projects you want to start on, print out several copies of your floor plan and design away! Because you live in your home, you know it best and you have probably been dreaming about designs, colors, materials and improvements for months now. This is the brainstorming phase, so don’t limit yourself. Even if you don’t think you can’t afford your “pie-in-the-sky” design, you’d be surprised at the amazing things we can help our clients design, even on a restricted budget. By combining your creativity and our market know-how, we can get you good deals and make it work for you!

Think Energy Efficiency and Save Money!

There are a lot of home improvements that can really save you energy and money in the long run, both in terms of lower utility bills and also in terms of tax credits! New roofing and insulation, replacing doors and windows, switching out older water heaters, air conditioners or furnaces for newer, more energy-efficient models—all of those things can clip your utility costs down, add value to your home and help you get the most bang for your home improvement bucks!

If you are ready to make some changes in your home, take these tips for successful home improvements to heart and give us a call at (703) 670-3200. We can answer questions, give you tips and help you get to work on making your home even more fabulous today!

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My experience over two decades has given me insight into less expensive materials that do a better job than their more expensive counterparts. I always ask, “How can I bring your project to life beautifully, while saving you time and money in the long run?”.