Commercial Build Out Construction Ideas


​Going Green, Saving Energy, Boosting Morale!

This is an exciting time for CBS Home Improvements for many reasons. As the economy improves, more and more companies are starting to call in about tenant improvement and commercial build-out construction ideas and projects. This uptick in construction projects also give us a chance to apply some of the great “green” technologies and design ideas that we have been adding to our palette over the past few years.

There are three main reasons that customers are coming to us with questions about commercial build out construction ideas:

1. New safety and environmental regulations are being inserted into building codes all the time. Our customers need our expertise to help them adapt their current spaces as well as create new business spaces that conform to and in many cases go beyond these regulations and codes with an eye to the future.

2. Green commercial build-out construction ideas help save businesses money in the long run. 72 percent of the energy consumption in the United States comes from lighting commercial enterprises alone! There are many ways to design spaces that exploit natural light over artificial light that can save businesses up to 35 percent on electricity bills.

3. Green designs have an eye toward enhancing employee creativity, productivity and collaboration while reducing eye strain and lost work time due to health concerns. While these things are difficult to measure in some ways, several recent studies have been able to link green construction with a marked increase in the good stuff like morale and creativity and a decrease in the bad stuff like lost work time and general malaise.

Some of the specific “green” commercial build-out construction ideas we often work on with our clients include the following:

1. Getting the most out of natural lighting

We work with energy efficient windows, skylights, light tubes and reflective materials to exploit as much natural light as possible within any commercial space. This not only saves a lot of money on electricity, but natural light is a natural mood-enhancer for employees. For businesses that start early in the morning or go late into the night, we also use the latest energy-efficient lighting solutions, some of which can automatically dim as the light increases in the morning and brighten as the sun goes down.

2. Green building materials

Recycled, repurposed and ecologically-safer materials are becoming more and more common and rising in quality all the time. Better materials give off fewer emissions and improve air quality, which can reduce employee sick time from allergies and asthma as well. Not only that, as “green” becomes more of the norm than the exception in building materials and designs, these green tenant improvements are becoming even more cost effective than ever before.

3. Smarter design

Reducing fixed spaces and confining cubicle walls opens up more space, enhances energy and light usage and improves employee morale. Smart use of textiles, colors and artwork can also reflect light, dull excess noise, relax employees and sends a more welcoming message to clients.

Our team has a wealth of experience, enthusiasm and passion for helping clients implement smart, ecologically-sound commercial build out construction ideas. To learn more, contact CBS Home Improvements today at (703) 670-3200!

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